On oppression against women

HawoOppression is a system to discourage what one thinks as undesirable behavior by using physical punishment, religion and culture rationalization in many cultures around the world.  Oppression is used to deny education for women and young girls and to divide gender equality. It is used to deny women’s rights in general and to make them feel that they are less than men intellectually.

Women also oppress other women. This is often because of fear of change, not knowing any other ways and lack of education. Some cultures disapprove of any activity that enhances women’s education, and those who want to help them understand their rights. Women’s advocates are punished by calling names and isolated from the rest of the community. Women talk down to other women who are supporters of men in oppressing system. The followers of men do what is acceptable in their religion or cultures. Fear of disapproval and rejection lead to many women continues to suffer and struggle in their daily lives. As a result, many women become paralyzed and not motivated themselves. They leave their own country or culture because they do not see a point to continuing.  They try to silence those who know better and are educated. In my opinion, Women should not defend cultures that empower the powerful people and degrade the powerless such as women and children. People who have been oppressed in their lifetimes believed the wrong information that their cultures imposed on them such as the ideas that women are very weak and had to depend on others like fathers or husbands.

Women  in every country, religion and culture need to understand the mindset of those who benefit of oppressing women if they want their daughters to have  better future than  their generations and to prosper in  their time as future mothers and future wives. We have to pave the way for the future generation. It is very important that women understand   the power they have as human beings, as mothers and citizens of the world and how they can change their lives and the lives of others. Starting from oneself a woman becomes the leading example of her daughters and nieces to show them how women should be independent, strong and prepared to have equal right as men. Second she should be paired with women who share the same culture and educate them how the women’s power of unity is very important for the common good of all women and young girls around the world. When people come together and cast their voices they   show the world how changes to one or two issues had to revolutionize. They will change with the idea and it comes in the present of people minds. However, wanting that change has to come within women and girls around the world. It will take creating strong community and asking every woman, and young girls to take stand and advocate for themselves and other women.  Women need to come together to change the obstruction that is in their cultures, demand to change what is not working for them. They need to preserve the qualities that enhance every human beings’ life. Change has to come from every community.

Women need to have influence in political, religious, cultural lives of their societies.  Social transformation has to take place and women should have opportunity to for liberation within in their own cultures.  Every human life matters and we need to revere them.  All women and men should be   free for their own imagination, to push their limits and try new things. Believing in yourself and knowing that you are capable of whatever any human being can do no matter what they say or the gender you are will empower anyone. You should know your ideas are as valuable as anyone in this earth and it is worth trying them. No matter what culture, religion and government system you came from your future depends on what you do from now on and beyond.  I dreamed   a big dream for women around the world to rise up and stand together to fight a better life for every woman and young girls around the globe.

What do you think?

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