2015: Buckle Up! These Mobility Trends Will Shake Up Your Business.

BuckleUpThe age of smart mobility is poised to shape the next IT era. Among colleagues, owning a smart mobile device is no longer a choice but an obligation; others decided to extend their mobile possessions to tablets and wearable technologies allowing a fashionably continuous connection with the world. The quick adoption of smart devices at an astounding pace reveals staggering opportunities to engage with the world in new and different ways and as more and more connected devices will continue to emerge, mobility will continue to change and control our daily behaviors. With this notable transformation in the digital age and how mobile technologies are becoming ubiquitous in both our personal and professional lives, here are three trends to take off in 2015:

The first trend is enterprise mobility management (EMM). Some companies have already adopted an EMM strategy to manage all their endpoints and applications without compromising employee’s access to tools and data they need regardless of where it is stored or what device they are using. 2015 will witness a shift to holistic enterprise mobility management where companies will emphasize on protecting their data no matter what device it lives on. Bearing in mind this focus, EMM will help enhance productivity, and optimize internal processes. Wrapping up this strategy with data protection capabilities, companies will be headed toward the cusp of a mobility revolution.

The second trend is context-aware applications. Explosion of smart mobile devices and smart human-device interactions will urge businesses to provide spot-on services and recommendations to satisfy consumer’s needs on the moment. Enterprises will better coordinate with their teams and clients by cleansing information and surfacing the one that makes more sense in a specific context. Nowadays, with more and more mobile applications requests added to the pile, low-code development platforms are surging to enable a broader base of developers to create mobile apps and keep pace with the high demands of custom applications. By adopting these easy development platforms and design tools, business units are provided with the necessary tools to translate ideas into real world smart applications.

The third trend is security related. With this mobile rapid evolution, more security doubts will rise to prospectively call for raising the security bar to protect against data breaches. In this context, two trends are duking out over which should thrive and which should cease to exist: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD). BYOD is/was the traditional trend to opt for such that workers could use their personal devices for business use without abiding by the rules and security measures enforced by their company and while this trend allowed a rapid device adoption, companies are facing more risks. The increasing security threats have pushed some companies to opt for CYOD for such that workers can no longer use their personal devices; however, they can choose from an approved list of devices where security protocols and measures are implemented.

As mobility will continue to evolve at lightning speed, and with more trendy mobile applications serving every individual on the spot, 2015 will witness a profound revolution in enterprise mobility, which will inspire more on-demand applications to understand consumer behavior and catch up with their daily demands. Bottom-line, understanding the mobility age and keeping up with mobility trends and shifts must be incorporated in every enterprise’s mission.

This post was first published on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2015-buckle-up-mobility-trends-shake-your-business-el-moutaouakil

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