A Ward … Sizzled

WordsTonight as the sun drops its djellaba, I will watch over you. There is no baby tv … it will be me. As I fumble in the cupboard near my bed table, I think of a hectic day. Luckily you giggle and shout unclear words. Ah these words if you knew how harmful they were and still are. Should you body language, yeah why not. Those we call shrouded depleted people. They are cast away. Maybe they got our language is useless. It is useless for forced to sex girl to implore a heart in her raper. It is useless for a child whose mom brings him/her back to order; “quit your monkey business and go ask the man for some alm.” It is non sense for a policeman to try to put order in the mind of that raper behind the wheel. Those words once meant that your mom and dad are related by oath. Those very words imposed silence on either and forced an uncomfortable atmosphere heaving over a family. Again those words allowed for social conventions freezing the two family ties ever. Stick to body language as the sun imposes its rays on our eyes. It forces us to give up and bow or even seek shelter.
Work round the words son.
Open the lids so your rays reach oblivion
read, read between the lines of your rays
Do, never heed don’ts

go a long distance

What do you think?

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