20 Seconds of Insane Courage…


After a tough week at work that I would spare the readers the details of, I decided to take a day off just to chill and experience the do-nothing day. My day consisted mainly of: waking up late, taking a heavy breakfast, and most importantly watching a movie that inspired the writing of this article: “We bought a Zoo”.

The movie is putting in the drama the new beginning of a family that lost the mother after a fight with a long decease. This new beginning consisted of living an adventure by refurbishing a zoo. However, what made this movie unique for me is the advice given by the father to his son some time during the movie: To allow great things to happen to us, we need sometimes “Just literally 20 seconds of Just embarrassing bravery”. I don’t know what attracted me today to encourage doing what we are frightened to do especially that I am usually described as a control freak. It is may be what I will describe in the upcoming paragraphs.

20 seconds is a very short time, but it can make a difference in our lives. It can change our path. Being brave enough to face a lover for 20 seconds to express our feelings can make us either happy since it is reciprocal or strong enough to let it go if it is not meant to be. It is the only needed time to break the glass in a restaurant or in a party with a crash. 20 seconds of Bravery avoids the killing questions of “What if”. It avoids us living a deep guilt of not moving forward. Getting out of the comfort zone for 20 seconds needs some efforts, but it has many benefits. It can be a turnaround for our career as an example. 20 seconds with our manager can encourage us to express our next plans, our next move, or simply our ambition. May be our boss does not know about it. Let’s take the example of Sky Diving; it is in the bucket List of everyone I know and it needs literally only 20 seconds of insane courage. Then jump of our life is checked on the list.

After all, when we think deeply, it is not about the duration; it is more about being courageous enough to make our voice heard and this way making difference in our lives. There is no issue to be a control freak but we should be a controller of the “Why not” instead of the “Why Should I”? Having guts consists on not missing the opportunities of being happy. It is our devotion to things that make us grow and move us up. Bravery is investing on people that care about us and treat us the way we want to be treated. So last but not least, let’s take the leap of faith not only once but every time!


What do you think?

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