BrotherYou’re in my life just as a brother
But I’m for you not for another
My feelings I keep locked up inside
And from these feelings, I must hide
I love you but you do not know
My love for you can never show
Because you are in love with her
Recalling makes my feelings stir
I should not hate her but I do
Because from me she will take you
You care for her, she is your lover
But I want to be your children’s mother
Now, if you think she is the one
With whom your days will fill with fun
Then I will never get in the way
To see you happy is for what I pray
If your happiness isn’t with me
Then brother and sister we will be
But I don’t think that I can bear
To see her sitting by you there
In the altar you will be
You’ll both be over filled with glee
And I’ll be sitting in the crowd
Keeping my sobs from being loud
Only for you, I’ll hide my tears
Because I know you hate my fears
You don’t love me the way I love you
But that should never make me blue
Because what we have is bigger than love
And in your heart, I know I’m above
Any thing you hold so dear
So I will hold back every tear
To see a smile on your face
And make you happy wherever your place.

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