Yo … Bald Osterich


The dutch decided to create a service whereby people can lend each other utensils online or any other item needed by a neighbour. This takes me back to my early days when mom sent me to a neighbour 100m away from home to ask for almonds. In a study of HCP, the mobility rate in our societies reached 78.6% for females and 63% for males. This mobility entails espousing the new neighbourhood traits. It is not news that individualism prevails in our societies more and more especially in urban cities.

Our dear friend, Michael Peyron took us once to visit a portuguese relics in the suburbs of Khenifra. When we finished our exploration he asked us to spread around for food. We went to the villagers and knocked for food and we were welcomed. I remember back in AUI when we go at each orientation to Zaouia to have wonderful couscous with the aborigines in exchange of a meager amount of money. Such corporate behaviors have to be numerous in our society.

Times and again, you see several faces in your building you have never met or do not know anything about. Our neighbour recently lost his wife and we figured that out when we found a tent at the entrance. I called him to inquire and i knew the sad news. After that communion call, nothing. We went back to our “Salam si Lhajj” & “salam a weldi …, hamdollah allah ibark fik”.

What is alarming is the world in which our kids will grow someday. Social disparities are becoming bigger and in our daily fight to maintain connection, health and tv much tv, we tend to forget a society. We just endure the news of mugging and are content that it is not in our threshold. No thorough thinking, action or reaction to mend to this problem. This procrastination is killing us and the danger is lurking at the very corner. Times go by and tomorrow our kid will go out to play, hear words and see faces. His dreams will be built on questions to you. Your inertia will then seek a lame incentive to all kinds of inventions. We will cast the blame on government or simply cast it on God and fate.

Personally, it is in my resolution to answer all the questions frankly and do some actions to prepare valid reasons for my status quo, how about you?

What do you think?

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