mutednarayan 1117360838 They want responsible, predictable. Measurable, trackable.

Well, it turns out I wasn’t delivered to this world with a button

That would make me -able… to think, work, live on demand.

I’m an adult, and I’m not responsible, mind you!

I can do things, that just vanish into void later on,

Or get absorbed by the forgiveness of a Creator who knows I’m not -able.

What if I just float as a free spirit,

And think, work, live, knowing that what I decide to do won’t be engraved in stone and attached to my being,

Because I might just change my mind and go back and polish the stone… some day

What if I just do things whenever it clicks in my brain or heart,

Without having to accept the consequences, Or do I have to?

What do you think?

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