Dream of a Friend

pigeons panic MGD©

I stay in bed all night and cry
As I sleep I wonder why
Why does life have to be so?
Why, my pain, does no one know?
When will all this come to an end?
This life I live without a friend
I dream I’ll someday find a pal
It doesn’t matter guy or gal
Who’ll be with me and help me through
Every hardship, old or new
Who’ll call me on a sleepless night
And tell me it will be alright
Who’ll hold me tight and wipe my tears
Who’ll help me overcome my fears
And when I find this friend I seek
I’ll stand by him when he is weak
I’ll be there for him all day long
I’ll stand by him and make him strong
I’ll think of him on every day
When I hear the people say
A friend in need is a friend indeed
And now this friend I really need
And then I wake up to the truth
This life, it hurts us without ruth
It never thinks of what we want
It hurts us and makes others taunt
It makes our loved ones go away
When we most need them here to stay
I really truly do not know
Where with this life I will go
But when I open my eyes I see
You laying right there beside me
The tears I shed were for a fight
I had with you the other night
But apart from that small strife
We live a happy married life
You are the friend I dream about
I get upset when I hear you shout
Because you are my entire world
And our love story is absurd
Everyday our love just grow
And to the world our love just shows
Because a love so strong can’t hide
And to the laws it won’t abide
As I look at you I see
The man I wish my sons to be
I plant a kiss right on your head
As I start to leave the bed
I remember my fear of being apart
Although you’re always in my heart
I slowly crawl into your arms
To feel I’m safe from any harms
I close my eyes and feel your lips
As your arms wrap on my hips
You slowly whisper in my ear,
Don’t be afraid, I am right here
As you hold me really tight
We both forgot about the fight
As you hold me close to you
I feel our love is really true
To me you are my everything
You turn my winter into spring
As I listen to your heart
I remember when we’re apart
How it felt to be afraid
I truly cherish the marriage we made
As I lay in bed with you
I want to say I love you too
I know you love me and you care
Cuz when I need you you’re right there
I know when you yell it’s too much
The pressures from your work and such
I promise you I’ll always be
Wherever you need or just want me
I’m here for you from now till forever
And we shall always be together.

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