Ode to Multicolorism

photos oufoufsworld 6050981148

How melodious is the sound of marching the steps from tolerance to respect
From accepting the suffocating presence of the Other, the Opposite, as dictated by good manners or law
To respecting a slightly (or very) different copy of me
A fellow rainbow of colors
Contemplating you in awe
Same to same
For I genuinely want to see the world through you and discover my humanity in you
I celebrate our common humanity out of my instinctive curiosity to know the colors of me and the colors of you
Loving the beauty within you, just like I love the beauty within me
Enveloping the dark corners in you just like I (try to) embrace the dark corners in me
Hopefully forgiving the flaws in you and those in me
And entertaining the idea that:
If you do anything “bad”, perhaps, just perhaps, it’s out of your control, because…
Deep inside, you’re a little multicolored splash of good will… just like me!

What do you think?

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