Hear me out

On my way to class, I really enjoy being called a babe and being whistled at by the man who spends on average six hours on a public bench people watching.

When I am on the train going to an interview, I like being deprived of my personal space by the 40 years old man who smells of old cologne. Feeling like a prey on “Animal Planet” will definitely help me get through the interview. It will boost my self-confidence.

My trips to the beach would not be the same without the grandma telling me that I should be at home, married, raising my kids and tending to my husband. It is the door to heaven she says.

Having to deal with a coworker who finds great pleasure in pointing out the size of my breasts and colors of my eyes makes my days less boring. It motivates me to come to work on a daily basis.

When I try to hail a taxi and a random car driven by male strangers stops and insinuates that I am working the sidewalk, I feel more accomplished and ready to conquer the world.

I continue to take the elevator in my building just to be schooled about the way I dress by my neighbor. He is the expert in life and after life.

I come to school not only to learn about science, history, and languages… but also to be trapped by my physics teacher in the lab and verbally harassed in isolation.

hand-155662_640Hear me out:
To the people watcher: thank you for keeping your opinion to yourself. I am on my way to school, what are you up to? I am not a babe and it’s not a soccer match! You might want to find a new bench. I heard they are planning to plant a tree instead. The tree is going to produce oxygen. I voted.

To the expired cologne smelling person: I am allergic to strong smells. I am also allergic to being treated like an animal! I am not an outlet for your pervert feelings and most of all I like being able to stretch my arms in public spaces. Had I done so they would have landed in your face… or somewhere else! How about that?!

To the grandma: where do I start? Being who I am and making choices is my idea of heaven, at least in the short term. I would like to enjoy this heaven for now. If I can’t use the door, I will climb through the window!

To my coworker: I am fully aware of the existence of my double Ds and hazel eyes. If you are just trying to remind me, I would like to remind you that I could do the same thing. I spotted an empty crate on top of your head so I am thinking a daily reminder is in order. Not pleasant is it?

To the car drivers: I am not going to comment on your motives, your choices or your intentions. All I want to say is you might want to work on your detection skills, if there is such a thing. If my appearance and where I was standing did not tip you off, at least have the dignity to carry on and take a hint.

To my neighbor: I did not comment on how your short shorts make me feel and how I would rather not see a bit of your stomach everyday on my way out. You got it off your chest. Okay. Thank you.

To my teacher: last time I checked you were meant to be the educator, the caring and inspiring role model and knowledge facilitator. Bullying, harassing and shaming were not part of the definition. You have the chance to shape generations! Try to live up to it.

To all these people and all the other variations, please let me be:
· I want to be known for who I am not for how I look
· I want to be respected for my accomplishments not for what I have
· I want to be able to make my own choices as long as they do not interfere with your life
· I want to make mistakes and have room to recover from them and grow
· I want to love and be loved without being forced into anything
I want a lot of things. Let me be.

*The examples above were inspired from real life situations. If you find yourself on the “to” side of the equation, this is for you: food for thoughts. If this felt like an excerpt from your diary: hang in there! Live, learn, thrive and do not give up.

What do you think?

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