There are no right answers in life.


We wander on Earth, asking questions about ourselves and others.
Ever thirsty for answers that will make us smile and think “That makes sense, I think that’s it”.
The truth is there are no right answers that we will find and hold tight in our hands, and use to become the flawless creatures we long to be.
All answers in life are to be taken with a grain of salt, and may not be used in a binary way to magically solve our problems and to take us out of uncomfortable emotional states.
Yes, being courageous might be the answer.
But looking back, we might find out that being careful would have been a more valid answer.
Yes, listening to our hearts might be the answer.
But perhaps being rational would have worked better.
The point lies not in succumbing to the fact that we will never find the right answer.
The conquest of life skills and knowledge is not only a noble endeavor.
More than that, it might be our sole controllable tool to seek and collect as many of life’s contradictory teachings as we come across, to be used with due diligence when the counter times out and we need to give an answer.

What do you think?

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