The workshop of life


And here comes that time of the year where we take a step back and reflect upon our achievements, significant events, or our disappointing moments. The end of the year is indeed my favourite time for introspection and self assessment. Last week, while I was enlisting the highlights of 2014, I had to include my new and peculiar hobby: attending workshops!

Let me explain: as a full-time mom, living away from my family and friends, I sometimes find myself yearning for some quality time with grown ups. Ranting about the weather with other moms while chasing our kids in the park is surely nice, but just not enough to satisfy my adults discussions craving. I then found myself scouting local papers and the internet for any free and interesting activities that mentioned the magical sentence “Crèche available”.

So while my kid’s tantrums were someone else’s problem in the room next door, I learnt a few things about First aid, positive parenting, sign language, how to get confident to work, and Office management skills. I must admit that I had a great time. Put me in a training room with a handful of people and I blossom like a cherry tree in spring!

The different trainings allowed me to brush up on my professional skills, to meet great people and, let’s face it, to take a break from my living room. However, it mainly taught me that life is a continuous process of learning. Careers are not carved in stone, and just like with human relationships, our feelings for a career path can shift and take a different direction. It’s then up to us to recognise the signs and to look for that job that will make us love Mondays and reach our full potential.

After a long career in the sector of education, I realised that motherhood reshaped my professional endeavour and reshuffled my priorities. While resuming my professional career is in the cards for next year inchaalah, I still have to figure out the direction it will take. So, untill I find the job that will combine passion and flexibility, I will keep learning new things. Maybe the baking class or that creative writing workshop that starts next month will change my life; because it’s never too late for a fresh new start!

What do you think?

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