The art of smiling


We have all probably read about the benefits of smiling for the body and soul, and most people are still struggling to smile.

Let me walk you through your day:

You wake up in the morning to your second half next to you or to your child peaking from his bed or to your mother in the kitchen… Why don’t you smile?

You are driving to work, there is lot of traffic and you are already late for work, but your favorite songs is playing on the radio… Why don’t you smile?

You are at work, just finished a long meeting with a client who was not happy with the quality of work, and you find chocolate on your desk from your colleague… Why don’t you smile?

Not to be late for an appointment, you eat quickly and spill juice on your shirt. Luckily a store is close by, you buy a “new” shirt and run to your meeting… Why don’t you smile?

Your kid gets sick and school staff send him at home, so you have a reason to work from home and take care of your little pie… Why don’t you smile?

You have a project to deliver in the morning and you pull an all-nighter to finish so you go to class like a zombie and end up having an A…why don’t you smile?

You miss your ride home and it starts raining, not so cool as you get home soaked, but you get to go under a blanket with a hot chocolate and enjoy a movie… Why don’t you smile?

Things may not be on your side, and you don’t even know what you want to make them better, but your mother is there and know exactly what will cheer you up… why don’t you smile?

You may not always have the “but”… Find your reason to smile even in the middle of chaos.

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