I’m right. Always right.


Homosexuality is an obvious right…
Until I learn my own son is transgendered.
All religions are to be respected…
Until my brother denies Allah and starts worshiping a virtual spaghetti-made goddess with crowd-sourced rules.
Equality between men and women is a given…
Until my wife puts her career as a priority over me.
Cheating is a sin…
Until I start having intimate discussions with the massage lady.
Work is to be delivered with high quality…
Until I’m disengaged from my work because I’m going through a divorce and my dad has cancer.
Students are to be treated fairly…
Until my favorite student fails miserably at an exam and still gets a good grade.
Who marries a foreigner?…
Until I fall in love with one.
Arrogance is a vice…
Until I become the boss and I find myself mistreating my employees to get the work done.
I’m always right…
As long as I am not human.


    • Indeed, we are! What’s even more strange is that we lie to ourselves and believe the lie… until we hit reality. I think real situations like those above help us connect again with our human imperfect side and thus have more empathy for others.


  1. One of the many things that keep me awake is my contant worry of being judgemental or having double standards… This post is such a good depiction of the world we live in! People hide behind religions, norms, cultures.. to take stands and enforce their opinions as universal truths. We talk about live and let live a lot but the truth is most of us want to live and want the others to live like them.. If only we could put outselves in the shoes of others and really embody the true meaning of respect and empathy and just cutting people some slack.. I would like to believe that a big chunk of our problems would dissipate! Great one Optima!!!

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