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I am a stay at home mum. Nothing exciting about it, right?  I must admit that I myself, used to misgudge full time mums for being lazy, laid-back women who use their children as an excuse to escape the rat race rythm imposed by modern life. That was before! Because once I made my “imposed choice” to be a full time mum, things looked a bit different.

I will not dwell on the crazy hours and hectic timetable of my job, nor will I emphasise how moody and demanding my boss is. No, I’d rather share how a small event in my typical mummy life had such a positive impact on my life.

A few weeks ago,  I decided to start a new leg on our numeracy learning journey and teach my kid how to count beyond the now boring 0 to 10. Little did I know that I was about to unlock a magical world of infinite numbers combinations that will create a sparkle in my child’s eye!

As I was casually explaining to him that 1 and 1 put together make a number called eleven, his eyes lit up and he started hopping and proudly repeating the magical word like some sort of spiritual mantra. The excitment kept mounting as I was introducing the following numbers leading to twenty. Each new number felt like an unwrapped present that made my little one smile from ear to ear.

That day, I thought that if I’m going to spend my time helping this little guy to grow into a happy adult, I might as well learn a few things from him. And of all the lessons that children can teach us, there is one that strikes me as the most important of all: their ability to be amazed by the simple things in life. As we grow up, we forget about that gift of God and take everything for granted.  So I borrowed by kid’s outlook in life and adopted his mental and emotional habits, only to find out that life through a toddler’s lenses can be quite fun!

I allowed myself to enjoy little things that used to give me great pleasure, like baking sweet treats, listening to music while doing daily chores, or planning weekend activities for the family. I  dedicated more time to reading books, my all time favourite hobby.  I filled my “Me time” with indulgent moments that would have a tremendous impact on my mood and boost my positive energy level (coffee, chocolate, and colourful nail polishes, to name but a few). Finally, whenever I’m happy, amused, or excited about even the silliest things, I acknowledge that feeling and celebrate it. It might sound cliché, but it really works!

Life will always throw at us all sort of things that might cause stress and anxiety. Carrying the world’s weight in our shoulders won’t help, we all know that! So finding joy in little things and filling the days with pleasurable moments sound like a good plan if you want to get that glowing baby skin of your childhood back. And remember, take the days just one at time and let your inner child free, take it from my toddler!

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  1. Beautifully written! As we grow up, we forget how happy and excitable we were as children for the simplest things. One more thing that children do is not frame life into this huge monster when something bad happens. Their ability to overcome things and be adventurous puts most adults to shame! Lovely reminder 🙂


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