The 7 Golden Rules

Golden sky

  1. Failure is a step closer to success 

Remember the process we went through to learn how to walk, as babies? Well, I cannot remember that myself, I don’t think anyone can, but it is a phenomenon we know all babies go through and enjoy! We were so determined to walk that the pain or the number of falls did not matter at all. As a matter of fact, the extra step we made each time was celebrated! Guess what, it is an iterative process you will be following throughout your whole life. On your way to achieve your goals, you will fall… you just have to think about it as a step in the process to learn from, and all you have to do, is lift yourself and keep going!

  1. Competences are not enough

Yes, you can knock at doors with your competences, you can force opening some, but what will make people open doors wide for you – with a welcoming smile is more your attitude. People skills are what help you build bridges. For lot of recruiters, attitude counts more than aptitude. 

  1. I believe I can fly. Really?!

I believe I come from a species that is naturally equipped to walk, run, jump, swim, roll, you name it … but definitely not made to fly! It is essential to aim high, for sure. But it is even more crucial to be realistic. Setting objectives that are achievable is the first step towards reaching them.

  1. Careful with ADD

The Tech world we live in now assumes we are plugged in 24/7. Think of how many apps you carry on your phone, and how many of them it happens you check in less than 5 min! Think of All the people you are connected with virtually. The conversations, tasks, projects, etc. you get engaged in simultaneously. Aren’t we cultivating individuals struggling with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)? Multitasking is everything but productive! Concentration is becoming a challenging skill; we should do everything not to lose it.

  1. Stress & self-control

The result of the previous point discussed is highly stressed individuals fighting to find their balance in yoga studios, meditation workshops, gyms, … Or individuals getting out of control and ending up in less desirable atmospheres. Knowing oneself is a key to develop our own ways to cope with all the stressful factors surrounding us.

  1. It is about the Fun!

It is not about the work/life balance any more, it is more than that! It is about the fun you create while doing what you do; work, parenting, sports, cooking … Getting through our duties might be a tough thing if we do not step back and think of how we can make it a better experience.

  1. 7. Claim your Anti-social moments

Some people call it “Me times”.  They can be as long as weekends or just moments during a busy day. Quantity does not matter in this case; it is about the quality time you spend with yourself. You need to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. See how you are doing, reclassify your priorities and decide on taking actions. This is something you do not know how important it is until you try! I call them self-regenerating moments.


  1. Wisely expressed! Some pieces of advice might sound cliché, but nothing replaces going through eye-opening experiences to learn the value of such advice. Thanks for sharing!


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