A lifetime of mistakes

slworking 5256775575
Looking at a blue sea horizon of ideals
Of what can be or should be
Of what we want to be
Swimming through the relentless waves of life
Bumping into treasures of knowledge and wisdom
Oh the epiphanies of our attractive ability to rationalize
Oh the first time discoveries of bitter emotions
Realizing how our thoughts were flawed and our feelings were misplaced
Banning our past mistakes and determined to adhere to the newly discovered truths
Exam failures and missed job opportunities
Spiritual awakenings and wise revelations of the mind
Painful diseases and deaths of loved ones
Bleeding injuries of pain
Loud internal voices of anger
Running tears of regret and shame
Never will we go back to that inferior, mistaken state of being
Never will we do it again
… and we do.

What do you think?

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