To Do List for my 28th Birthday…


I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago ; I made it to the 28th. I will confess: I’ve always had this fear of getting old without achieving my to-do list set the previous year. Yes; in fact, I have this habit of writing down on my notebook things to be done for the next year as I am always afraid to get lost on my way to getting older. Also, I keep the eagerness to make sure that each line is checked off on this list.

On the Nov 10th of each year, I used to write almost the same words: Next year, I will lose weight, I will read more books than the previous year, I will practice sports, I will learn a new language, I will visit a new country, I will be kind and worthy, and I will succeed in my job of the current year. There was no place for meeting new people and experiencing new things. To rephrase the statement, there was no room for what was unplanned or uncontrolled since as an engineer, I firmly believed that everything could be rationalized and analyzed so risks are minimized and mitigated. However, as I shared in the article Heart vs. Brain, with 27 years of rationalization, I ended up having low experience in relationships. This was a conclusion well analyzed and built on strong facts. So for my 28th, I made a change to the habit. I added a new line to the typical list: Fall in love.

So, here you go the humble summary of my past year which I believe was very acceptable

  • I lost 5 Kilos
  • I had read 7 books which is equal to last year. I was lazy in the last two months so unfortunately, I couldn’t beat my target
  • Laziness was faced as well in the physical exercises but this time during the whole year. However, can we consider running once in the past 6 months better than 0 jogging last year same period (Like to like comparison)?
  • I had the great chance to visit Italy: I ate well, I fell on my knees, I re-confirmed a long lasting friendship, and I learnt some new words in Italians. I returned to Casablanca with the highest ambition to learn Italian. I just loved the Dolce Vita.
  • I had a new challenge at work full of learning and new experiences. I am doing my best to succeed.
  • My mother survived breast cancer and it was an experience unplanned but strong in emotions that needs a separate article
  • Finally, I fell in love… Hurrah!!! Yet, it was not the ONE that is meant to last

The breast cancer and love deception were the innovations for this year, I would take some lines to elaborate on my love experience and I will let the breast cancer probably for my next writing. To be honest, I consider it already an achievement to be deceived in love since the check sign has been added before the “fall in love” line in my to-do list. I did not cry, but I did not let it go: I endured great soreness. However, my learning curve improved exponentially.

Over all, meeting a person at a certain time in your life that is not meant for the position you wanted him/her for initially is Ok. Feelings cannot be rationalized and it is Ok. Expecting nothing, and ending up being deceived since you wanted to prove yourself wrong is Ok. Being misunderstood by your behavior since liking someone is a new experience for you is Ok. Wanting that person to be the one to get old with and it did not happen is OK. Asking for time to cope with the new feelings is OK. Besides, it is Ok to feel hurt, to not have the same prospects as the other person. But most importantly, needing time before letting it go is OK

After all, my year 28 was not only acceptable; it was awesome. It made me ready for the upcoming years. It encouraged me to make each year authentic and not typical. My 28th was full of learning and full of experiences that are not bad; I kind of liked them.  Swimming outside of my comfort zone is Ok for me. So Ladies and Gent what about you? What are your top 3 resolutions met or not for this year? Please share…


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