BFF of Life


The teacher was distributing the results of the open book exam; I was the last one to receive my copy. I had convinced myself that grades were sorted in ascending order. They were not. I got a “D”. After class, I ran straight to building 34, and I knocked the door. She opened it with a cup of hot chocolate ready to take me in her arms. That was exactly what I needed after my “Statics & Dynamics” class ; she was aware of that. I was crying like a baby. Thinking about it now: I was silly. She comforted me: “it is only a quiz; 5% of the final grade”. I knew, she was, is, and will always be my BFF.

Don’t worry dear readers, I am not writing an article about Paris Hilton’s reality show or elaborating on how bad I was in university. Just for the records, I was a very good student; my BFF was right. It was only a quiz, and I rocked the final exam! BUT I am sharing some thoughts about an important choice that we make in our lives: our friends. Not any kind of friends: our BFFs. This does not cover the process of making BFFs, keeping them, or being one of them. This is a thank you note to my BFFs who helped make me what I am now. It is also an apology for what they endure with me.

My BFF is my crying shoulder after a bad day at University or at work or after heartbreak. She is the person who gives me a piece of advice without judging the situation. She is the friend that runs to help me when I fall from my chair in class or at work. She tries to hold herself from laughing because that will make me mad; she laughs anyway. She is on my side whatever the situation is till we are alone and then expresses her opinion. She is the person who even if we don’t see each other for months, once we meet; it is as if it was yesterday. She is the person with whom I can reconcile without holding a grudge or hard feelings. She is the person who will dance till the morning on my wedding day. She is the guardian of my secrets. she is familiar with all my fears, my dreams, and my sins. She is my first reader and my proof reader. She always says the truth even if it hurts. I am never alone as I know that the moral support would come via email, Facebook, or Whatsapp. All the means are used to keep in touch. She handles my temper. All in all, my BFF is among my best choices.

PS: Dear BFFs, you will recognize yourselves: I am grateful for your help in my development. Most importantly, thank you for staying to see the results. Last but not least, sorry for what you had, have and what you will go through during my growing up process.

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