When I was a kid

When I was a kid I thought that everything was pink and rosy, little did I know that life comes in all rainbow colors

When I was a kid I thought that time was just a series of numbers in a ticking device, now I know that time is my “frenemy” and everyone of those ticks opens up doors and closes windows

When I was a kid I thought I could touch the sky and snuggle with the clouds, I do it, yes I do it every night in my sleep. They are as soft and fluffy as they look

When I was a kid I thought the moon was just a switched off version of the sun, I thought there were many and every place had their own. Years later, I was amazed to know that one sun is able to enlighten our days and warm up our lives and that one moon unveils itself gradually every month never seizing to amaze us with its white bridal cloth

When I was a kid I thought the sea was a ballerina swaying day and night into a low tide high tide performance. The sea is now my trustworthy companion that I run to to take my troubles away and re-charge my energy. It’s the messenger that makes my sorrows disappear and fills my soul with hope for better days

When I was a kid I contemplated the stars tirelessly waiting for them to grow and turn into moons. Science has taught me that stars selflessly share their short lives adorning our skies and making our nights less dark

When I was a kid I thought my parents were heroes and could make anything and everything happen. Heroes have nothing on my mom and dad. My parents don’t wear costumes or masks while on duty. My parents are always on duty and never take time off. They don’t ask for recognition nor do they think they want one. My parents make super heroes look like the most normal of creatures

When I was a kid I thought that being an only child was the best thing ever. For seven years I thought that I was blessed to get all the attention and care I wanted and never having to share it was a bonus. I was so wrong on this one. I almost missed out and I am glad I didn’t. Although mathematically impossible, sharing made everything feel more abundant.  Since I first glanced at his little innocent face, I stopped knowing how to live in a world without him

When I was a kid I thought that flowers changed colors based on their mood/feeling. I thought they turned pink from happiness or shyness, yellow from sickness and blue from feeling cold. I thought they were beautiful but always wondered if one could be happy by just being beautiful. When nature shared some of its secrets with me, I learned that flowers are not just a representation of nature’s beauty and majesty; they are a feast for the eyes and house a nectar ever so important to the lives of many creatures that come to replenish their stocks everyday

When I was a kid I had friends, plenty of them and I thought I will never have to make new ones and that our lives were intertwined forever. Until you have friends for two, five, ten years and more, you don’t fully understand the true meaning of friendship. It’s not until you cried together, laughed together sometimes at each other, fought, made up, traveled, redefined the meaning of the word sharing and more that you can award yourself a honor badge for having made everlasting friendships. I have been wearing mine for a while and I flaunt it whenever I can.

When I was kid I thought that I was mean for not sharing ice cream with my friend and that I was selfish for not wanting to play with my brother. I thought that I was sad when I was not allowed to go out and play and that I was unlucky when I could not get my favorite toy. The words mean, selfish, sad, unlucky and a lot more have taken on different meanings since. Mean is what we are for not doing what we are expected to do; expectations are societal walls that we ought to pierce through at some point. Selfish is what we get labeled when we decide to keep what’s ours to start with and not share it. Sometimes, mean is good. Sad is what we feel when we are deprived of love, affection and nurturing. Sad is a timeless- location free feeling. Unlucky is what we are if we sit and wait for life to handout its favors. Luck is a security blanket that we use to justify immobility and morbidity.

When I was a kid I thought that dictionaries were the portals to meanings, engraved in stone and no one could change them, add or take away from them.  I learned that I had to make my own definitions, forge and mold them to fit my life, my experiences and the person I want to be. A word is only a word until you live it, feel it, see it and experience it.

When I was a kid I never thought I could contemplate my life and feel a wave of emotion rushing through me with pride, joy, sadness, excitement, sense of accomplishment, anticipation, love… I never thought that my memory could register so many details and that my heart could be content with just thinking back at memories. I thought that the future was exciting and that the past was the burying ground for what went and was never to come back. Today, as I think through my past I recognize that it is the foundation to my future and the proof that I have seen life in all its rainbow colors.


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