Unshakable Renunciation


There seems to be a curve at the line of every wave or so they thought. When a nerd bird goes by sending all kinds of rosy thoughts, in fact it is wondering what road to thread for a secure food. His days have gone by as that bird. He enters the class and thinks of the warm bed he left behind. He thinks of his son, whose teeth ache terribly and leaves it all to heavens… now his son works in a prestigious company and the whole family is proud of him. His daughter is but a distant memory since the day she left the family. pondering over all these issues turn him down so he takes his brand new car and drive away. One way for him to forget about the empty ungrateful life. He is the only one whose education elusively turned out to be a joke.

When she went abroad, it was mainly to flee those preconceived ideas. Her family put all their eggs in her basket weighing her down. There, in the bright streets of paris, she blinded her hopes and lost sight of all her past. This she thought. Unfortunately a tortoise never loses its shell. Once wind blowed her smiles away, she gave up and with a head held up high she made the u-turn. With all the capricious ideas she had, she walks in a strange bled. All she got is to blow away the onlookers amongst the family. She is now the subject every mouth wakes and sleeps on.

As the curtains drops, they both haul up their shoulders. They are determined to dust off the awesomeness in their past and cut that curtain. Their canvas has still space to taken on all the splashes. Will they do or be done… as the author decides and they have all the stamina to speak for themselves and not let themselves be characters in a lousy piece.

What do you think?

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