I am here…too

Strolling down the Prague’s Charles Bridge on a beautiful sunny day, I was contemplating, along with hundreds of tourists, the beauty of the bridge, the artistry of the historical statues and the charm of the surrounding nature. I occasionally stopped to take-in deep breadths of fresh air. I felt lighter as I shed away some of my work stress and drowned a few of my life worries in the horizon. I was seeing what I wanted to see and feeling how I wanted to feel. It was a beautiful dream…
Strolling down the Prague’s Charles Bridge on a beautiful sunny day, I saw the world in all its colors. I saw the family on their first vacation in 10 years; they were trying to glue themselves together and bond over the statue of some Saint they never knew existed. I took a look at the married couple holding hands and in matching t-shirts; they were on their honeymoon. I spotted the first worry lines on their faces coupled with a lot of hope for the future. I took a glimpse at the handsome young man walking alone thinking about the parent he lost, the job he needs and the life he once dreamed of. In the middle of all the commotion, I saw Her looking at the statue. As I was taking the picture, She walked by, stopped for a moment, got closer and stepped back again. I watched Her trying to understand what happened and the story behind the intricate statue. Right there next to Her, I saw Him. He was there kneeling on the floor. He was not moving. He was there blending in with the scenery. She was contemplating history. He was the present. He was there too…

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