“I’m a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie and many many other things!”

Walking around Union Square, New York… ”WOW! People in their underwear in a public space?! You gotta be kidding, it is getting cold out here!”, I said to myself 1 I decided to join the crowd of the many curious ones that started surrounding these “performers”, if I may call them so at this stage. The crowd is getting bigger and the reactions are very different: from giggling, whispering, to taking photos, insulting, or simply standing there with blank faces wondering “what’s going on?” 2 With a little close up, I saw this “PLEASE RESPECT ME”! It is indeed a play setup called {My Lingerie Play}. The other side of the bag says: “I’m a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie and many many other things.”

Now let’s focus less on the almost naked people and more on the essence of the message which is, in a nutshell, about personal choices to dress the way we want without being judged or pointed at because we are too fat, too skinny, showing too much skin or covering too much of it. In an ideal world, there should be no excuse for disrespecting or labeling others because they do not fit within our spectrum of ideas and perceptions or simply because they don’t look like us! Oftentimes however, in judging others who are different, we take comfort in the idea that we are the best we can be and there is nothing to change about ourselves…I suggest we take a second look, if it is the case.
Sexual harassment, especially, became a “BIG NO NO!!” in many countries around the world. Yet, it is normalized in many others. Women, without over generalizing, have been subject to it and in many instances were forced to change their outfit and looks to avoid being insulted or disrespected because of choices they made in a society that does not yet understand what it means to make personal choices.


I am not sure if provocative methods, like this play, are the right way to change certain behaviors, but I am sure that one thing you do once you see it is to TALK about it!!


  1. On the personal freedom to dress the way we want: how is freedom defined? Is there a common definition that everyone in a society can agree on? Or even a universal definition? Can we argue that walking in the street completely covered or completely naked is personal freedom? Thoughts anyone? #hakwara


  2. Optima, you are raising such a great point! that is what is the definition of freedom and it does not only apply to the way we dress, but to every aspects of our lives. I am not sure if there should be a balance between the “social norms” (though I am not a fan of this concept) and the personal choices, because at the end of the day one needs to feel connected and have a sense of belonging to the lager group, and not setting boundaries can be alienating to the person, which again is a matter of one’s choice on what really matters to them!


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