Rainbow to Bow



At dawn a Rainbow appeared to me
So bright and shiny
Sun was full of envy

A little bird approaches and stood on my shoulder
“Rainbow wants you to draw her!” He says in a whisper
“You have two days and two nights to achieve this wonder”

Vanished in my thoughts of drawing a dream awake
Frightened by this heavenly sin I may make
My eyes, my hands… even my courage happened to shake


Little bird came back to me confessing:
“You don’t have enough colors to achieve this painting
Give me a list, and we will help you in your undertaking”

“I need deep oceans to paint her honey eyes
I need far shining stars to paint her smile as a sunrise

I need lovers’ kisses to make her pulpy lips
To make her cheeks I need a lunar eclipse

I need years of carnivals to draw her glee
I need flying bald eagles to draw her liberty”


When I was ready to paint this rare happening
Rainbow, in some cold passion, started undressing
And I was possessed with the intense feeling

That in three days, at dawn
When this oeuvre will sparkle like a sun
I will wake up … and Rainbow will be gone…


The first day with a strange sentiment of awe
I closed my eyes, and I caressed the body of Rainbow
To sense these divine curves I had to draw

The second day, to this erratic ceremony, my pigments were invited.
When putting colors on Rainbow, my hand was so excited
I denied my own remains … and to the skies I was elevated

The third day when I woke up worried, tired and undernourished
The bloom of this painting has already flourished
But Rainbow stayed … and seamed joyfully cherished

Crying to this miracle I heard my spirit scream:
“Rainbow you are every lover’s dream!
And forever in my heart you will shine like an endless sunbeam”

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