Tea with 80-year-old You

Year 2064.
You, sitting on a bed in a spacious empty house.
Can’t really feel your legs. Remembering your favorite class at the gym.

Feeling a bit dizzy. Oh it’s the pill.
There’s a young lady sitting on the chair nearby.
She asks: “What do you think of how the company you founded is adapting to the newest industry trends?”
You make an effort to think… You don’t control the words that come out of your mouth.
“Table… Want to… No, no… ”
You recognize you talk like a retarded but damn, you just can’t control it. This is embarrassing.
You know you’re a smart person, how could it be so difficult to formulate your ideas and link them?
Ah, all those you ridiculed years ago for not being able to follow through your reasoning!

The lady is holding a photo with many people at a party.
She asks if you recognize the faces.
You smile. Your college friends. You want to give them a call, but you’re told they’re not here anymore.

The lady says she’s busy and needs to leave.
The door is closed. A song you like is playing. The same old emotions raise up. Good feeling.
Then, silence for a long time. You’re tired. Your muscles. Your brain.
You want to sleep. You push your body slowly from the sitting position so you can lay down.
One, two… Tired, breathing… Three, four…
Finally your head on the pillow.
A mirror that shows your face is sitting on the table, close to an old photo of you, and a pile of books written by you.
Your mind is blank. It’s paralyzing.
Thinking was your favorite activity. Before, you did it naturally, effortlessly.
Constant pain. Some in your muscles, some in your soul.
Your soul still holds some beautiful images though. Your tight chest loosens up slowly.
You close your eyes.

What do you think?

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