A Letter to Daddy’s sweetheart – This is how you face it !

This is how you face it

25 years past … I see the wisdom every day brought you … I still remember the day you came to this life … my eyes have never seen such a beauty … you might think you grew old, but to me,  you will remain that little girl who shook my heart the first time I held her in my arms..

And here you are facing life, young lady as you are… struggling to blaze your own trail… whereas others have found it well drawn for them.  The hard times you go through, my princess, are what make you stronger and build the wise and thoughtful lady you become… This is how I see these painful moments in your life… they taste bitter, yes!  But so does your favorite dark chocolate! Some good stuff does not necessarily taste sweet.

We came to this life, princess, for reasons, you should always remember. Having them clear in your mind will help you get back on track. We are here, princess, as you know it, to worship Allah and nothing but Allah. So have this purpose present in all what you plan, do and say; it will direct you to the right path.

Happiness is what everyone strives for. People think that external factors (job, money, partner, car, children …) dictate our happiness. This is not correct. External factors might contribute to it, but the truth is that happiness comes from within us. It is an emotion that we can create and embrace. How you create it? I see two main ingredients for it: Acceptance & Gratitude.

Acceptance: always accept and be content of who you are and what you have.  This does not mean that you have to stop where you are, no. I love how ambitious you are, and I have lot of respect to your perseverance.  The point is, accepting your present will give you the positive energy to build your future and pursue your dreams.

Gratitude completes acceptance.  Before you think about things you want and don’t have, think about all the great things you once wanted and you currently have. You will see how rich you are. Be grateful for everything you have got, and likewise for those you don’t have, because you never know the divine reason behind this dispossession.

Princess, learn how to manage your beautiful self to love it. Be ready to face what is coming.  And remember; if there is no one out there around you, don’t disperse, Allah will always be there for you, and my heart is your servant to protect you!

From your daddy with love.


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